What I’m Doing Now

In case you were wondering.

Exploring ChatGPT and GPT-4.0

Like so many others, I’m looking for ways to utilize Large Language Models (LLM) to increase my own productivity, generate new business, and improve results for my clients.

Listening to lots of pre-bebop jazz

Modern jazz gets a lot of attention (as it should), but I struggle to connect with much of the post-millennia work I hear. In order to better educate my ears I’m going back and listening to a lot of music that straddles the swing and bebop eras. I plan to work my way up to the present day as slowly as necessary.

Exploring code generation strategies

I believe that a lot of technical complexity today arises from approaches to software encouraged by build tooling and unnecessary dynamism. I’ve found that using tools with a data-first approach helps reduce the day-to-day complexity that can easily slow development to a slog. Are there data-first approaches to code generation that can help keep development moving fast?